Kittie Kay

High spirited model with amazing body art. I tried to create a vintage style set to capture her old sole vibe. I fail miserably at doing her justice and hopefully will get the opportunity to try again someday.

Before & After

Before and after images of a spanking. Sadly I don't have any images of the spanking being administered, something must have distracted me.


Top on, bottom off in this bikini shoot. Miss Jaclyn shows how sexy going commando can be.

Clam Pass

A quick beachside photo shoot to explore the elegance of tropical nature and a beautiful model.


Tessara is an unpublished Suicide Girl shoot. WARNING - NUDITY AHEAD


Herpetophobia:  her·pe·to·pho·bia  noun \ˌhər-pət-ə-ˈfō-bē-ə\: a morbid fear of reptiles....