This evening I’m enjoying a long time favorite. Magic Hat #9. A quick Wikipedia peek tells us that Magic Hat Brewing Company was formed in 1994 in Burlington, Vermont.

They currently brew 4 year-round beers. #9 or “not quite Pale Ale” may arguably be their top seller. It was introduced to me one evening at a local pub down by my home. I watched a friend order the curiously sounding brew and after observing the interesting looking brown bottle and #9 logo I decided to give it a try.

#9 gives a rich hop flavor but still rides under the crisp line for me.  I would definitely describe it a fruity but as to just what notes, well, I’ve never been good at determining such things. One aspect I always pay attention to when critiquing a brew is the after taste. Pale Ale’s on a whole, often seems to be a more on the bitter side. But with #9 I’m always left with a refreshing experience. Perhaps that why it’s labeled as “not quite Pale Ale”?